Taking Risks

So I’ve recently decided that life is too short to not live fully, to not do what you’ve always wanted to do, to start ticking off that bucket list, to love Mondays and to take risks.

I am not a natural risk taker.

I am safe.

I stand back from the edge.

I follow the rules.

I do what is expected of me.

Well, not anymore.

For too long now I have been living for other people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worked out pretty well, I have a great job, house, marriage, holidays, friends… but I know I am capable of far greater things.

For too long now I have stuck to what I know because it’s fine and it works.

I have so many creative ventures buzzing around my brain and I am desperate to fulfill them. They are over flowing and I can’t keep them under wraps any longer.


I’m leaving my teaching career this summer.

I’m starting my own company.

I’m pursuing foster care.

I’m pursuing design.

I’m pursuing art.

I’m pursuing travel.

I’m pursuing film making.

I’m pursuing photography.

I’m pursuing charity work.

I’m dying my hair crazy colours.

I’m taking risks.

I’m stepping out to the edge.

I’m making mistakes.

I’m working it out as I go.

I’m following my gut.

I am so excited.

My dream job that combines all of these does not exist, I have to create it.

I am terrified.

I am scared what people will think, say, not say, do… but that’s all part of it. I need to try not to let that sway me anymore.

What is your dream?

What would make you look forward to Monday?


🌈Rainbow Christmas🎄

I laugh in the face of your insta/tumbler/pinterest monochrome christmas decorations this year.

In my home we have gone all out vintage rainbow whimsical with our decs.

I love a bit of colour and when I came across these cute teeny tiny baubles in Paperchase I could not resist!

I also have pom pom bells and vintage style birds also from Paperchase.

I’ve ordered my baubles in rainbow fashion, starting with red at the top and finishing with purple by the ground.

We’ve followed Garratt tradition by including Cadbury’s chocolate decorations this year, not to be consumed until December 24th- we will see how that goes in the coming weeks!

I adore our non-traditional christmas tree. It reflects our eccentric and colourful home and personalities.

I started a tradition of each year making Jim a bauble that represents something that occurred that year. So we currently have one of our wedding invite and a salt dough imprint of our first home key…I wonder what this years will include 😉

I am very excited to be placing gifts under the tree in only a few weeks. I think we have 18-22 guests for Christmas this year. I cannot wait for festivities to begin and have so many fun ideas planned.

What are your family traditions? Are you doing anything different this year?

Happy 1st December all