Am I regretting my decision?

In short the answer to this question is not one bit.

It’s kind of more complex than that though.

This all stems from being asked if I miss teaching and if I regret my decision to do fostering. The truth is I had to stop and think for a moment.

Do I miss teaching?

The answer: no, but only because I’m teaching more now than I ever was. I’m teaching someone how to love themselves and others. How to trust. How to belong. How to grieve. How to play. How to share.

Do I regret my decision?

The answer: sometimes. Foster care is hard. I would be lying if the idea of these constant battles for at least another eight years didn’t scare me. It kind of comes in waves. I doubt myself. Then ten minutes later I bounce back. Im still adjusting to parenthood, let alone special needs pre-teen foster care, I guess!

Overall, however, I do not regret my decision. Being his Mum is the best job in the world. It brings me so much joy to watch him learn and grow. I am emotionally, physically, mentally and financially better off for making this decision. I wouldn’t change back for anything.

I would love anyone reading this that is a little interested in finding out more to contact me somehow. No questions too small or silly. I would love to share this joy with others. There are so many kids out there needing a family like yours.


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