One week later…

It’s been seven days with him. In that time we have learned a lot. I thought I would share those thoughts with you.

It’s amazing how you feel the night before. Jim and I just held each other as if we knew we wouldn’t have much time for each other in the coming days. We were scared. Scared of change. Scared to let him down.

The first night it felt very much like a stranger was in the house. He didn’t know the rules and we didn’t know his boundaries. Strange things happened that I didn’t guess would happen. It felt disjointed and we were just making rules up as things happened. We felt a little bit overwhelmed.

Over the next few days our boundaries became clear and consistent. He respected them, it meant that we focused on what he was doing right. We created a routine for ourselves, one that works for everyone. We did fun activities as a three, we kept busy and laughed lots. Things felt more settled.

Recently Jim has had to go back to work. It’s wonderful that he works for himself. It’s meant he’s been around when we needed him. It’s been good just us too, he’s doing amazingly well. He’s finding less and less difficult as we learn what he needs. He seems really happy.

He is a gorgeous boy with a beautiful soul. He cares so deeply. He wants so much to please. He seeks so much of us. His favourite thing is when we’re all together and laughing. I think it’s my new favourite thing too.


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