Getting Paid

It is no secret that I have taken the plunge, handed in my notice to my wonderful teaching job and am going self-employed from September.

I have recently started to dabble in the world of self-employment.

I have taught myself to build a website, which I have enjoyed very much.

I have organised family photoshoots which are such a load of fun.

I have designed children’s prints and t-shirts that will be ready for Autumn.

I have established a wonderful community on my Instagram feed.


It’s actually happening! It feels wonderful! I am loving every second.

And I got paid for the first time on Saturday. I felt wonderful.

Somebody was willing to hand over their hard earned money for something I had produced. I could have skipped all of the way home.

I am so happy that this plunge means I will eradicate the Sunday evening blues.

And when it inevitably comes creeping back, it will be time for another change.

And all this is before talking about the big Mama of life changes, becoming Foster parents!!!

I just gonna ooze every second with my gorgeous kiddos at school before spreading my wings and seeing where the wind takes me.


If you want to take a look at what I’m getting up to, it’s all on my website.


Thank you for your support. It means the world.


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