Night Owl

I used to be a night owl.

I would make every attempt to stay up as late as I could without my parents realising I should be in bed.

Though I’d always ruin it for myself by getting over tired and over chatty!
My Dad would say “You know if you just sat quietly we would forget about it being your bedtime” but I just couldn’t help myself. 

I still do it now. I get over chatty when I’m sleepy.

What is different, however is that I am far from a night owl. I like to be in bed by ten o’clock or I start to feel panicky. 

My parents used to tell me that one day I will look forward to going to bed and I just couldn’t see how that could ever be true, but it so is!

So this weekend I have been out for drinks for four nights in a row. It has been beyond fun! I have powered through the days to get through to the evenings. I’ve loved getting dressed up and dancing all night. 

But now, after 96 hours of partying hard- I am done.

I am ready to sleep for the next fortnight.

Goodnight world.

See you at Easter 😂


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