I have avoided the hair salon for 7 months.

Instead I have been cutting my own hair in that time, you’ve probably noticed, but I couldn’t face it.

I couldn’t face the usual questions…

So what have you been up to…

So what’s new…

Any holidays planned

I wouldn’t know how to answer them.

They would get a shock if I answered them honestly…

So what have you been up to…

Oh burying my Dad and then carrying on at work like nothing’s happened, you know the usual.

So what’s new…

“Oh you know, apart from my world turning inside out and upside down, not very much, you?

Any holidays planned…

“Well no actually, we’ve had to sell our beautiful holiday house because my Dad died and we are all really sad about it”

I just think I would leave them feeling really guilty and lost of words and I’d end up with a pretty awkward haircut and would feel awful for ruining their day.

I have just made stuff up before now, said I’m going to the zoo and made up a little family I could take, that was years ago, way before my Dad died. I’ve never like the public personal salon questions.

I know they don’t mean it. Sometimes I wish I could ask for silence but that would be awkward too!

I braved it yesterday. 

Luckily the guy loved himself so much that he just wanted to talk about him. 


 I can deal with that. So I’ll be using him again, even if it’s just for the one sided conversation! 

Do any of you guys find salon question time difficult to face? How do you cope with it?



2 thoughts on “Haircuts

  1. I was in a similar boat on Tuesday. My granny passed away a few weeks ago. I’m on the other side of the world. It wasn’t a shock, but she’s always been my ‘home’ and now that’s all gone.
    Anyway, my 2 sisters got a tattoo in her hand writing, ‘my angel’ -what she called all 6 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.
    So off I went to get mine. I didn’t want to tell the story, it’s all a bit Cliche now days anyway.
    So I talked about him, the artist. What kind of work inspired him, where has he traveled, where would he like to travel, etc. luckily it was the worlds fastest tattoo.
    I kinda felt bad I wasn’t giving him the opportunity to use my body to express his art, but I’d rather leave feeling that way then in a crying, old lady mess! I can’t allow myself to cry for some reason. It would make it true, I guess.
    My granny is my story, my pain, my great-fullness, my teacher. Something’s aren’t meant to be shared with just anyone.

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