War Paint 🎨

Inspired by the songs: My Face and Paint both original songs by Dodie Clark
Some days I can’t face the world without putting war paint on.

Layers of makeup between me and outside world.

It hides my tired, unsleeping face. It hides my worried eyes. It lifts my smile.

With each brushstroke I become more confident. False confidence, maybe, but more confident all the same.

Life is sometimes a battle.

Just leaving the house and facing people can sometimes be the hardest thing I will do that day.

Sometimes I need my battle face on.

I hide behind my matte lipstick smile. I can face the day.

It’s not always.

But more and more recently.

Do any of you see make up in this way?

I’m not worried about it.

I am confident in lots of other ways.

It’s just something I have observed about myself recently and wondered if you felt it too.


2 thoughts on “War Paint 🎨

  1. Oh makeup is definitely a sort of mask! I wear it to work to be the confident super assistant, I wear it to parties to feel pretty, I wear it to family parties so that you all don’t think how much I’ve aged since the last time you saw me which was probably months ago! But funny how I don’t feel I need it the next day I see you all or the next or even 5 minutes after I have walked through the door! Funny how we wear it to a party yet go jogging the next day without it with the same friends! It’s all in the mind!


  2. I found that the more pregnant I became the more I relied on makeup more and more, and I’m not even that bothered about wearing it normally! It does make a difference doing your face and hair though I think, it does give you that extra boost of confidence and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that at all 🙂 x

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