Amazing You

I heard a worrying fact yesterday.

 1 in 4 women self harm.

That is one quarter of women that want to hurt themselves because they don’t think they are good enough.

That is 25% of all the women I know have or have had this feeling.

I did it briefly as a teen. I didn’t know I was self harming at the time, but I hated the acne on my skin and would scrub my face with acetone (nail varnish remover) when I got sad about it, until my skin was more sore and red than it was before. 

We can hurt ourselves in lots of different ways. 

I hate that not feeling good enough made my young mind think that was an okay thing to do. 

Now it’s even worse. Young adults (boys included now) are bombarded with perfect images on social media constantly.

They can not get away from it, always in their pocket. 

And they can never meet that heightened sense of perfection because it doesn’t exist, it is fake.

I feel horrible that I contribute to that. I can confirm it is all fake. I edit every single one of my photos.  I patch over my spots and I smooth over my skin. 

Even now, at 27 years old. Even now when my skin is so much better than it used to be, I am hurting and wanting to cover up my skin. 

This time it’s worse, this time I’m part of the problem with my perfect pictures plastered all over social media of my perfect life, with my perfect family, my perfect home and my perfect skin.

I love my life, but it’s far from perfect. As you all well know. 

Nobody’s life is.

Too many of my friends do not love themselves.

But you…

You reading this. It’s amazing you even exist. 

It is amazing that this Earth just happens to be perfect for humans to survive and thrive on.

It is amazing that one night your parents decided to have sex, that exact moment they would conceive you.

It is amazing that your mother could carry you as long as she did and that you formed to be you.

It is amazing that your skin forms and grows like it does to mould your body as it is today.

It is amazing that you have learned to speak, make and keep friends, contribute to this planet like you do.

You are amazing. So many things could have happened differently and you wouldn’t be here. You would never have existed. 

But you are here. Before you were even born, you were amazing.

So you’ve got this incredible body and are living on this incredible earth.


What are you going to do with it?

Are you going to compare your perfectly formed miracle of a body to a fake one you see on the internet?

Yes probably. I know I will be.

But hopefully next time you do, you’ll think over what has been said here and not hurt yourself with bad thoughts about yourself, but fill your head with how amazing you are.


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