Hi, alright?

Yeah, you?

Why do we do it to ourselves?

Why is it that we always have to be ‘alright’? Why is that the right answer?

 If it’s a genuine question, if you really wanted to know, then “alright” doesn’t really tell you anything at all.

But maybe that’s the point?

The asker doesn’t really want to know, and knowing that, we bat back our answer without a second thought on the real question.

How are you?

How am I?

…How am I?
I don’t really know. I’m kind of a bit of a muddle of everything I think.

But I’m okay.

Am I?

Oh I don’t know.

Is anyone okay?

Maybe I’m not okay and that’s okay? Okay?

Maybe I should just stick to ‘alright’, until I work it out anyway. It’s done me good this far. And ask: How are you?

No really?


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