Turning 27.

It’s my twenty seventh birthday tomorrow. 

I’m not an excited, fidgeting, ‘counting down the days’ little girl anymore. 

But I still get flutters when I see my birthday on expiry dates in the supermarket. 

I still get jitters when brightly coloured envelopes decorate my hallway. 

This one will be slightly different. There will be things missing. Traditions slipped away. This gives me flutters and jitters too.

I have said to Mum that I don’t want to receive a card from her this year. It will hurt her to write it, and it will hurt me to read it. 

It’s not just a name missing. It’s the stupid drawings that make no sense on the inside cover. (He thought he was hilarious). 

One year my Dad couldn’t find any flowers in the supermarket, so bought me a cauliflower instead. (He really did think he was hilarious!!)

No vegetables will be darning my cereal bowl this year.

But, I will have a lovely day tomorrow. 
Church, then out for a roast lunch, then walks and board games at home. 

Almost perfect.
Tomorrow will be a first.

We’re going to be doing quite a few ‘firsts’ this year.

I’m determined to make it a happy one. 

After all, we didn’t know this would be our fate on my twenty sixth birthday, who knows what will happen next year? 

The time to be happy is now. 

It’s our only guarantee. 

Happy weekend everyone! 



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