Our new normal.

Everything is slipping back to normal this week, well our new normal anyway.

We all started back at work or school.

We are all being very brave.

My wounds of the last fortnight are fading and new aches are taking their place.

I felt comfort that my poorly Father was taken from us.

But now, over two weeks on, I’m remembering the Dad I had before all of this. I don’t feel comfort that he’s gone.

He was awesome.

He was fun and wise and nice to have around.

He was energetic and encouraging.

The house is quieter without his voice in it.

We are still sitting all together to eat. Making jokes and conversation. We are still playing board games and watching films.

But it all feels different.

It is all different.

Our new different normal.

We will get used to this, I know we will.

I know these aches will fade and bruises will appear in their place.

Thank you for looking out for us still. This week is going to be one of our hardest yet,

Getting used to a new different normal that we didn’t ask for.

Trying to be thankful, strong and happy in a future, this time last year we wouldn’t have imagined possible.


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