The Race.

Imagine life is a race. 

We all have our own lane, our own race to run. We start and finish our races at different times. The track is set out for us. 

We try to run our race well.

It hinders us if we look across at other runners or behind us. It hinders us if we compare our race to others or if we try to finish someone else’s race. 

Every race is set out differently. Some have hurdles to over come, some run a marathon, others a sprint. 

There are only two guarantees that are the same for every runner. There is a start, and there is a finish. 

Even though the track is laid out for us, it is up to us how we choose to run it. 

My Dad ran a good race. He ran steady and true. He stayed on the path laid out for him. He trained hard and kept his focus. He looked across to others, not to compare but to encourage. 

My Dad’s race was a relay. He has finished his race, and passed his baton onto us. Now it’s our turn. 

We are not running his race, but our own, following his example. 

I have started my race. I have taken my first steps. I do not know what obstacles are in front of me, but I know I have the best team to support me and example in my Dad. 

You have your own race to run too. 

Run it well. 


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