Dagnets Lane

We walked along Dagnets Lane today. It’s a little road that sits behind my Parent’s house.

We’ve walked it many times, sometimes walking for hours and other times just to the fields and back.

I have always loved this walk, it immediately  transports you from the busy roads to the countryside, to the quiet.

We walked it the day after my wedding. All the family hungover and tired from the night before.

We walked it one Boxing Day. Frost on the ground and chills in the air.

We often walk it on Sundays. Family time to talk and laugh about our week.

Today we walked the lane again. It was your idea, it was a good idea. Just you, me and Mum. Like it always used to be.

We took it in turns to guide you along the path. All felt calm as we chatted and you listened.

I couldn’t help but stop and take this picture. I wanted to remember this walk. To keep it in my mind.

I will continue to walk along the Dagnet’s Lane path,

when I need a quiet moment,

remembering you.


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