Chitter, Chatter.

I always was your little chatterbox. 

I remember when you were feeling tired on the drive home after a fun family day out, you would get me to sit in the front of the car. Sitting next to you. 

I was good at keeping you awake.

I’d chatter and chatter about everything and anything. Nonsense really. You would interject every once in a while and I would carry on. 

I liked it. You seemed to like it too. 

It made me feel important.

And now I’m sitting here, sitting next to you again. 

You are too tired to concentrate and I am chatting away about nonsense. Just like old times.

Except it’s kind of not like old times really, is it.

Thank you for making me feel what I have to say is important. Because of you I have started this blog. People seem to like it too. But it’s all for you. 

My chitter chatter always was.


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