What not to say.

My family have an incredible support network around during this very difficult time.

You lot have been amazing and your kind words have been much needed support and encouragement for all of us.

There are some words however, that are meant as kind and uplifting words but they cut deep. 

These are the words I do not want to hear anymore. 

If you would be so kind?

It’s mainly stories of ‘miracle healings’ that hurt the most. Often starting with “well you never know… I heard about this one guy…”

I listen. I smile. I say thank you. 

But inside I’m using all my energy not to wince and scream from the roof tops “CANT YOU SEE!? MY DAD IS THE MIRACLE”

It is now 6 months since my dad was given 8 weeks to live. 

You’ve got it all wrong.

Why can’t you see?

You should be using my dad as the example, he should be the ‘miracle guy’ you tell others about.

He is amazing.

He is doing amazingly. 

Your stories don’t help us believe in miracles, because we have the biggest proof right in front of us.

I believe in miracles.

I am in amongst one.

It’s freaking awesome.


If you could be so kind,

Please stop.


Pray for strength.

Pray for comfort.

And share our story.

Thank you.


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