The time is: NOW

Time is a funny thing.

Sometimes a single day can take a lifetime to pass, yet other days can leave you in a flash.

I have always struggled to live in the moment, to enjoy every second that passes me by. I usually keep looking forward to the next big event, wishing time away.

My birthday was always straight after our long summer break. I used to wish the weeks away until my birthday. My dad would always try to encourage me not to, but I couldn’t help it. I was so excited to get older back then.

Even now I find my myself counting down to Friday or a holiday. But why? I love my job. Why can’t I just enjoy, without the need for a constant count down?

Especially now, in our current predicament, time is even more precious. 

Some days, it feels like I’m living inside a sand timer (like Jasmine from Aladin), time falling through my fingers.

My Dad has always aimed to enjoy every moment and make the most of everyday ‘as if it’s Christmas Day’. It’s a wonderful way to live your life. 

You end up living more moments than another person living more years, because you are present.

This is my goal. 

For this coming school year.

To just be.

To soak in every moment.

To live everyday like Christmas Day.

Then, I too will leave feeling satisfied.


Where are you?

And what time is it?


You are here.

The time is now.

What would you do today if you knew you only had weeks to live? I certainly wouldn’t spend the day on my phone or laptop. I would look up and saver every moment with people I love.


3 thoughts on “The time is: NOW

  1. I’m guilty of this too Jordan, having children, wanting them to take their first step, start school etc. This blog really made me think, I have been living from one appointment to the next rather than just enjoy and be thankful. I think we all need to take a big step back and realise how lucky we are and enjoy each day.

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