Praying for a Miracle

So we got the results.

Its ‘contained‘.

Contained means the same… bigger, no smaller.


But you are better than before. No pain. Eating well. Reduced medication.

So that’s great right?

It’s what I was waiting for, what we were hoping for, wasn’t it?


Then….. why did I feel like I got punched in the stomach when I read your text?


Maybe I am still praying for a miracle, but missing the real miracle taking place?

You are alive and with us still. It’s been ten weeks after they initially told us you had eight weeks to live. Not only that, but you are doing so well.

This is the miracle. Its happening right before our eyes. Its beautiful and pretty damn cool to be a part of.

I am thankful that we have been blessed with more weeks,

more days

and more minutes.


…. Of course I will not stop praying for a miracle, but when doing so I will also try to remember to stand back and admire these everyday miracles we have been granted.



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